• Sale, purchase & Exchange of pre-owned mint condition luxury cars.

We will ensure you that you took a good step by giving us a pleasure to serve you with an excellent car so that you feel you spent your hard earned money to an optimum level.

  • Finance facility available

We facilitate instant finance for the car you purchased, we have tied up with many banks which can help you out for easy purchase of your dream car from our showroom.

  • Insurance Facility available

We facilitate the best insurance premium and policy as we have tie-ups with all major insurance companies and brands.

  • Quality assurance certificate

We have certified cars and we provide guaranteed quality assurance certificate in writing.

  • Car Registration & Transfer of ownership

We provide car transfer facilities and other related services        

  • Car Repair & Car Servicing

We facilitate your car servicing at a lower price than a company and we also have a Car repair facility to make your car shine & glow as your personality always.